Juan Brew

Brewed Responsibly For Your Enjoyment.

Since 2014 we at Juan Brew have dedicated ourselves to growing the Philippine Craft Beer culture. Through importation and distribution of quality raw materials, manufacturing quality beverages with renewable energy, a dedication to producing organic products with consumer health in mind, and providing drinking establishments with attractive concepts, Juan Brew is an integral part of the Philippine Craft Beverage scene. Carry Juan Brew at your establishment now, visit our distributor page for more information.

Juan Brew products are produced in our 100% solar powered facility. Since its inception, Juan Brew has chosen to operate with the environmental responsibility in an otherwise resource-intensive industry. With a 46kw solar PV system, Juan Brew operates on and sells excess energy produced back into the grid thereby also producing clean energy for the benefit of others.

Juan Brew has prioritized the creation of local jobs in the Philippines. Our equipment is self-designed and […]

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